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Maric Timing has been providing state-of-the-art scoreboard systems, pace clocks, and shot clocks along with world class support of our products to customers around the world since 1985. Our newest products the Maric Game-Pro Elite Series utilizes state-of-the-art microprocessor and wireless technologies that ensures precision timing, ease of setup and use, as well as years of trouble-free service. Every effort has been made such that operation of the system is easy and intuitive.

The Maric Game-Pro Elite scoreboard sytem and shot clock system are comprised of a Master Control Unit (MCU) and at least one Display Unit that contains the numeric digits. The MCU is the small control module that the user interacts with by means of a keypad and liquid crystal display (LCD). All commands are entered into the MCU through the keypad and transmitted to the Display Unit by means of a wireless link. Upon receiving the data packet, the Display Unit then responds and updates the numeric display accordingly. Data integrity for Indoor/Urban transmission range is easily obtained up to 1000 feet (300 meters). The outdoor line-of-sight range exceeds 400 feet.

Programmable system settings such as count down / up time and radio frequency channel are stored in the processor memory eliminating setup routines on power up. Additionally, the MCU contains rechargeable batteries that allows for operation with or without connection to the power module.

Additional features include:

  • Open-ended system allows for addition of unlimited displays
  • Durable, molded MCU enclosure designed for handheld or tabletop use
  • Portable indoor/outdoor displays featuring rugged weatherproof aluminum construction and powder-coat finish for everyday use
  • Protective, shatter resistance lens
  • MCU has easy touch membrane keypad and 2 line LCD for easy operation of the system
  • Each display utilizes 6 inch ultra bright fluorescent electro-mechanical digits visible up to 400 feet